How Orders Work:

Choose what works best for your event

Let's just Cater!

     Simply place your order by phone (513-502-8081) or online here                  & we'll DELIVER to you. Choose any donuts and drinks we offer! (5 dozen donut order minimum).

Rent our Peg Board 

    Our Peg Board holds 6-12 dozen donuts! Display all your donuts for easy access for your friends to grab&enjoy! This option is $50/event to rent. (5 dozen donut order minimum).


   Blossim Donuts Truck will make an appearance and personally serve donuts to your guests! Go to

                      to add your event info. Price is determined by time, distance and order, call for Quote.


1 Dozen Mixed Donuts - $12.00  (all orders 5 dozen minimum)

Coffee / cup - $2    (orders over 50 cups can be discounted)

Delivery - $5 - $45  (depending on location)

Juices - $2

Hot Chocolate - $2

      Each event is different and personal to you and us! We want to make it perfect and will cater to your                             themed event! Contact us to discuss how we can make your event special, unique                                                                                  and unforgettable! 

Let's Cater with the fan favorite Truck!